Terrylynn Smith, Career Coach

Terrylynn Smith, founder of GiraffesConsulting, is a certified coach specializing in career change and reinvention. Utilizing a self-affirming approach, Terrylynn guides her clients through the process of self-discovery so they can create a plan of action and move forward powerfully.

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Why Giraffes?

Terrylynn explains the backstory behind Giraffe’s Consulting.

GiraffesConsulting Career Coaching Helps You...

1. Get moving!

2. Boost your self confidence

3. Discover your special niche

4. Create an action plan

5. Prepare a compelling resume

6. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

7. Develop your network

8. Learn how to market yourself

9. Sharpen your interviewing skills

    “Terrylynn’s coaching style is part cheerleader and part ’employment whisperer.’ As a cheerleader, her optimism is infectious as she applauds your growth and successes and celebrates who you are. As an employment whisperer, she shares tactics and strategies resonant with your skills and inspires you to stretch to reach your potential.”
    –Chris Peralta, client
    “I was thrilled to earn my dream job in the tech field even with years of experience/education in healthcare. The position has the salary and growth opportunities I was hoping for as well as every bell and whistle I dreamed of. I couldn’t have done it without Terry’s experience, knowledge, and motivation.”
    –Brittany Cole, client
    “Terrylynn guided me through the interview process and I was able to get a great job related to my masters degree. I believe she could help anyone achieve their career goals regardless of the field they’re in. Thank you Terrylynn for all of your help!”
    –James Barrett, client

A Personal Word from Terrylynn

Welcome! I am thrilled that you took a few moments to visit our site.

Finding a new job or career is a major life change, one that can be filled with anxiety. Our philosophy here at GiraffesConsulting is that we all have the internal wisdom to meet the challenges that these life changes bring, whether those changes are expected or unexpected, gradual or sudden. My goal as a career coach is to help my clients tap into that internal wisdom and apply it to their job search. In this way, they can face their fears, create a plan, and land the job they want–a job that is rewarding, satisfying, and a perfect fit for them.

After my own journey of reinvention following a corporate merger, I created the Giraffes Theory, which gives anyone who applies it a whole new set of life skills in the face of uncertainty and change. Clients will learn to take a proactive approach to their job search so they can move forward powerfully into a job or career they love. It only takes courage and a plan.

Explore the website and feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance to you. Remember: Change happens. Take control!


Terrylynn Smith
CEO & Founder of GiraffesConsulting, Inc.