Giraffes Theory

The Giraffe Theory


What Is the Giraffes Theory?

The inspiration behind the Giraffes Theory came to Terrylynn Smith during a trip to South Africa. While observing giraffes in their natural habitat, she observed several correlations between the behaviors of the giraffe and the behaviors that lead to success. From this life-changing experience has come a proven strategy that Terrylynn shares with all her clients, empowering them to embrace change as a gift, to rise above the crisis of the moment and to move forward powerfully into a new season of life, whether it be through a career change or some other life altering circumstance.

What can we learn from the giraffe in our quest to navigate change?

  1. The giraffe leans forward, not backward. Its long neck naturally extends at a forward trajectory from the body, leading it ever forward—a key characteristic to have in times of transition.
  2. The giraffe has a long vision. As the world’s tallest mammal, the giraffe can see above the throng, beyond the immediate obstacles to the horizon beyond.
  3. The giraffe is naturally curious. The length of its neck enables the giraffe to take a closer look at its surroundings, from the treetops above to the grass below.
  4. The giraffe is flexible and able to stretch. While able to move its head both high and low, the giraffe has the natural ability to touch heights others can’t reach.

All four of these qualities are essential to navigating change successfully in our lives. Leaning forward allows us to focus on the future rather than the past. Having a long vision enables us to put our immediate circumstances in context with the bigger picture. Being curious and observant helps us notice possibilities and solutions others might not see. And finally, a willingness to be flexible and stretch beyond our comfort zones helps us accomplish things never before thought possible.

These four principles form the foundation of the Giraffes Theory, a profound and transformational way of looking at and welcoming change instead of resorting to fight or flight. Life coach Terrylynn Smith will teach you how to apply these principles in a tangible way as you navigate the uncertainties of change, guiding you step by step as you form your own personalized “Plan G.”

Real life can feel like a jungle, and change can be incredibly frightening at times. Whether “change” for you means a company downsizing, a recent divorce or just a general dissatisfaction with your career or your life, you don’t have to be a victim. Let us help you apply the Giraffes Theory to create forward thinking solutions that put you in control of your own future.

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