Plan G

The Gift of Plan G


What Is Plan G?

When change happens, whether in a career or other life circumstances, people get knocked off their feet when there is no plan in place to deal with it. The problem is—change is going to happen. In fact, next to death and taxes, it is the only certainty we have! Therefore, it makes sense to formulate a plan to deal with change when it comes. This is the philosophy behind Plan G.

Based on the Giraffes Theory, your Plan G is a roadmap derived from your own internal wisdom and innate forward-thinking abilities, empowering you to navigate the otherwise confusing pathways of change. While every Plan G is different, your own plan will be definitive enough to provide structure, yet flexible enough to accommodate the unexpected twists and turns.

Why Plan G?

Here’s a life secret: Plan A almost never works as planned. Why? Because “Plan A” doesn’t account for change, and change is inevitable! This is why it makes sense to have an alternate plan in place, one that allows you to navigate change seamlessly.

We use the term Plan G because it reminds us of the innate qualities of the giraffe: the ability to see far into the horizon, the ability to lean forward, the ability to stretch, etc. It’s this combination of structure and flexibility that empowers you to take control of your destiny when change happens, instead of falling into the snares of paralyzing fear and denial.

Change is inevitable. Change is not failure.

When you stop seeing change as failure, and instead simply a fact of life, you won’t be thrown off when it happens. In fact, by anticipating and planning for change, you will begin to see change as a gift—an opportunity to grow into something more than you could have imagined. It only takes courage, and a Plan G.

Terrylynn Smith is a certified life coach specializing in helping her clients reinvent themselves during times of change. Developing a Plan G plays a key role in this process. To learn more about how Plan G and the Giraffe Theory can help you navigate planned or sudden change, call GiraffesConsulting today at 646-320-1126.


Terrylynn is currently working on a book titled “Change Happens…Take Control! The Gift of Plan G.” Watch for it in 2018.



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