Coronavirus Update: Free Help for the Recently Unemployed

April 13, 2020  |  No Comments  |  by Jeff McQuilkin  |  Blog

Let’s don’t beat around the bush. The unemployment numbers from the past couple of weeks haven’t been dismal; they are basically disastrous. Here in NYC, especially, a massive number of people have been forced out of work due to shutdowns related to the Coronavirus pandemic. And while this situation may be temporary, the numbers don’t tell the real story if you’re one of the ones trying to figure out how to make ends meet.

We need to pull together and help one another in times like these. If you’ve suffered the loss of a job, or if you’re a gig worker whose income has dried up due to COVID-19, I want to help. So until this crisis is over, Giraffe’s Consulting is offering the following resources at no charge.

Immediate Support: A Free Webinar

In November 2017, I conducted a webinar called “Land the Job You Want.” It’s basically a condensed version of the opening steps I take with every new client. This webinar is online and free to view, and it contains information that can help you as you retool your job search for this “new normal.” You don’t have to wait or sign up—just go watch it.

Additional Support: Free Career Coaching

You’re reading this correctly—for every person I can fit into my schedule who has recently experienced a layoff, I am offering my career coaching services at no charge. In this time of social distancing, I typically conduct one-on-one sessions by phone, but I’m also preparing to do some group sessions via Zoom. The goal here is to equip you with the tools you need to navigate a successful job search in this “new normal.”

If you are interested in signing up for free coaching, simply shoot me an email at with a brief explanation of how this pandemic has affected your employment. I’ll be back in touch with you soon to give you further instructions.

We will get through this…together.

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