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When corporations merge or downsize, even if it’s good from a business standpoint, the resulting changes can put the careers of many employees at risk, As a former HR executive, Terrylynn Smith understands this dynamic as well as anyone in the field. For companies, corporations and organizations who wish to help their employees navigate these changes, Terrylynn is available as a consultant, coach and teacher to guide them through the process.

Each corporate program is specifically designed to meet the needs of that business and its employees. Workshop topics may include:

  • How to Navigate Change for Employees
  • How to Bring Your Corporate Mission to Life
  • “Soft” Retirement and Mentoring Programs: Help Your Employees Learn New Skills and Transition to New Positions
  • Strategies for Dignified Downsizing

To learn more about how we can help your corporation and your employees through a merger or downsizing campaign, call GiraffesConsulting at 646-320-1126.

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