About Terrylynn

“They call me the employment whisperer. I help people who are unemployed or stuck in their career get moving, face their fears and land a position with purpose–not just a job with a salary.” –Terrylynn Smith

Meet Terrylynn Smith

When Terrylynn Smith was a high school cheerleader, little could she have predicted that this extracurricular activity would eventually shape all aspects of her professional career. These days, as the founder of GiraffesConsulting, Inc. Terrylynn is a cheerleader of a different sort, fiercely committed to helping and encouraging corporate executives, baby boomers and other success minded individuals as they take control over their professional and personal lives in times of change.

Before launching GiraffesConsulting, Terrylynn was a Human Resources Executive who coached employees for nearly two decades. When a corporate merger put her future with the company in jeopardy, she proactively developed her own personal “Plan G,” laying the foundation for what would become the Giraffes Theory and her positive message, “Change happens–take control!” Today, as a skilled life/career coach, Terrylynn works with clients from all walks of life, helping them discover a more positive approach to change and helping them create their own personalized plan to accommodate it.

Known for her empathetic approach, attentive listening, and curious and deep questioning, Terrylynn guides clients as they discover their giraffe within. Her simple yet profound approach prepares individuals to cope with change as it occurs by acting on a strategy already set in place. This process helps turn an otherwise difficult time into a journey that is much easier to navigate.

Terrylynn is a graduate of the Georgetown University Leadership & Coaching Program, a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and a member of the International Coaching Federation and National Association for Female Executives. In her spare time, she loves to walk a good golf course, regardless of the weather.

Terrylynn Smith is a champion for every person who has the will and the desire to work through whatever changes life brings their way, and to do so in a way that helps them feel proud and in control. To learn more about how the Giraffes Theory can help you on your life’s journey, contact Terrylynn today at 646-320-1126.

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