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Face Your Fears.
Create a Plan.
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The ancient Greek philosopher Hereclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” At GiraffesConsulting, we empower our clients through targeted coaching and instruction to plan for the inevitability of change so they can embrace it and thrive through it, rather than be victimized by it.

Terrylynn Smith, founder of GiraffesConsulting, is a certified coach specializing in career change and reinvention. As the mastermind behind the Giraffes Theory, Terrylynn works with individuals, corporate professionals and organizations to demystify the dynamics of change, guiding her clients through the process of creating their own “Plan G” so when change happens, they can move forward powerfully.

Why Is Change So Frightening?

Change happens in our lives in many ways, sometimes expected, at other times not so much. Often change occurs independently of our choices, while at other times we find ourselves unfulfilled and feel the need to create change in our lives.

Change may show up in your world in the form of a layoff, a merger, a failed relationship, a health crisis, aging parents, health issues, or even the feeling of just being “stuck.” Many of us react to change by becoming afraid, paralyzed or overwhelmed, each of which positions us as a victim. The cost of not being responsive can be extraordinary.

The good news is, change doesn’t have to be frightening; in fact, when we take a proactive approach, it can become the greatest gift we ever receive. By applying the Giraffes Theory to your situation, you will learn to see beyond the immediate circumstances and develop a skill set to respond with a new strategy. As a result, you’ll be able to ride the wave of change into a new season, rather than be swallowed up by it.

Whom Can We Help?

GiraffesConsulting is an ideal solution for anyone who is either facing a significant change or needs to create one. Our approach works for any of the following people:

  • Corporate employees facing layoffs due to a merger or downsizing
  • Baby Boomers looking toward retirement with uncertainty
  • Individuals who are going through a divorce or processing the death of a spouse
  • Individuals facing a personal or family health crisis
  • College students who are worried about an uncertain job market
  • Anyone who feels “stuck” and seeks to engineer a career change or life change for themselves

“Terrylynn’s coaching style is part cheerleader and part ’employment whisperer.’ As a cheerleader, her optimism is infectious as she applauds your growth and successes and celebrates who you are. As an employment whisperer, she shares tactics and strategies resonant with your skills and inspires you to stretch to reach your potential.” –Chris Peralta, client




Welcome! I am thrilled that you took a few moments to visit our site.

Our philosophy here at GiraffesConsulting, Inc., is that we all have the internal wisdom to meet the challenges that change brings, and whether it is expected or unexpected, gradual or sudden, you can be prepared for it.

After my own journey of reinvention following a corporate merger, I created the Giraffes Theory, which gives anyone who applies it a whole new set of life skills in the face of uncertainty. Clients will learn to take a proactive approach to managing change so when change inevitably occurs, they will be prepared to move forward powerfully.

GiraffesConsulting’s mission is to demystify change by preparing professionals, individuals and corporations to have the courage to create their own change, to plan for change, and to embrace change as a gift.

Explore the website and feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance to you. Remember: Change happens. Take control!


Terrylynn Smith
CEO & Founder of GiraffesConsulting, Inc.
Creator of the Giraffes Theory

Don’t become a victim of change; let us show you how to see beyond, rise above, and take control of your future. Your initial consultation is complementary, and there’s no obligation. To learn more about how GiraffesConsulting can help you, call us today at 646-320-1126.